Need a Quote?

Versa Electronics will provide complete turnkey or consigned inventory quotations as requested. Information listed below is not exact requirements but outline specifications for a more accurate, timely quotation. A summary of information includes the following:

  • Assembly Number with Revision
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Designation of RoHS or Non-RoHS Compliant
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) including:
    • Customer Component Part Number (Optional)
    • Component Manufacturer
    • Component Manufacturer Part Number
    • Quantity per assembly
    • Reference Designators
  • Gerber Files for PCB quotation/fabrication as needed
  • Pick-N-Place data for surface-mount assemblies including:
    • Component Reference Designator
    • X – Location
    • Y – Location
    • Rotation
    • Component Part Number
  • Assembly test/qualification requirements as needed

Information provided in Excel, Word, Access or most any ASCII format is easiest to translate; however, we have the capability of dealing with other formats as well.

Quotation lead times will be affected by the amount and accuracy of information provided. Please e-mail your RFQ, as well as your complete documentation package, to our Quote/Sales Department. You may also contact us directly with any RFQ, questions and concerns at 763-512-3970.